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Huge Selection of ITFS Numbers
As you can see from the table to the right, we boast a huge selection
of International Toll Free Service (ITFS) access numbers.  ITFS
refers to conference call dial-in numbers that, when dialed, are free of
charge to the conference call participant.  You, as the conference host
(or the account holder) incur charges for conference participants who
join your meeting via an ITFS toll free access number.  We offer among
the most aggressive and competitive rates for ITFS numbers in the
industry, backed by a Tier 1 network that guarantees customer

Using the Service is Easy
Hosting a global conference call, or international conference call, is easy.  Upon account activation, you will be issued a moderator passcode (for you, as the account holder and leader/moderator of the conference) as well as a participant passcode.  Additional sets of leader passcodes and participant passcodes can be issued if you have other groups in your organization that would benefit from this service for other projects.
Just follow these simple steps: 

1.  Inform all participants of the date and time of the conference call and give them the dial-in number for their particular company as well as their access code (the access code is a 7-digit code that is assigned to you when your account has been set up).  

2.  When it is time for your conference to begin, you, as the moderator, dial the conference  access number associated with your country and follow the prompts to start the call. 

3.  To join your conference, participants should dial the access number associated with their country at the designated time, and then enter the access code. A complete list of dial-in numbers is sent to the account holder at the time of account set-up.

Account Features  
  FREE live conference call manager via an
        internet portal  
  Up to 96 attendees on your call
  On Demand, Reservation-less service
  International Toll Free access and International
      Toll Access from 90+ countries around the globe
  Highest audio quality using Tier 1 provider with
      global PSTN network 
  Access from anywhere in the world via a
      regular U.S. toll number
  Ultra-low "Dial out" rates to any country
  Free Outlook Add-in
  Free Smartphone Connects App
  Free Connect Google Calendar Gadget 
  Record feature
  Detailed monthly statement
  Post call detail summary
  Payment to major credit card or receive invoice
      and make payment by check or bankwire
  [00 ] Summons operator assistance
  [*2 ]  Starts recording conference call

  [*4 ]  Locks conference

  [*5 ]  Unlocks conference

  [*6 ]  Individual conferee mute

  [*7 ]  Secures conference - blocks entry

  [*# ] Tells the leader how many are on the
      conference call

24/7 Operator Assistance
No matter where in the world you are located, you'll have 24/7 operator assistance - 365 days a year. The moderator of the conference call simply enters "zero zero" ( 0 0 ) on the touchtone keypad, and one of our operators will immediately answer to assist you with any issue or questions that you may have.


Schedule International Conference Calls 24/7

The global conference call service is reservation-less. What this means is that you have toll free access to a conference bridge, 24/7, with no need to schedule in advance. You may pick up the phone whenever you want and from wherever you want. Our operators in the U.S. provide 24/7 assistance when/if needed.

No Monthly Fees, No Minimum Usage Requirements

There are no monthly fees and no minimum usage requirements. If the service is not used in any given month, no charges are incurred. There are no sign-up fees and there is no term commitment. The service may be canceled at any time with no penalty. This is a "pay as you go" service, which enables you to use the service as much, or as little, as you need.

Superb Quality and Customer Service
The backbone provider of our conference calls platform at is a multinational telecommunications company that operates a Tier 1 network.  They provide core transport, IP, voice, video, and content delivery for most of the medium to large Internet carriers in North America, Latin America, Europe, and selected cities in Asia.  The company is also the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) and the 2nd largest provider of fiber optic internet access (based on coverage area) in the United States.  In short, this is a superb network and you can expect to receive - and enjoy- both business class quality and customer service.
ITFS Rates effective March 1, 2018

   International Toll Free Service (ITFS)
  Country      Rate per minute
   Argentina            18.9 
   Australia              9.9 
   Austria            14.9 
   Bahamas            39.9 
   Bahrain            97.9 
   Belgium            12.9 
   Brazil            23.9 
 Bulgaria            39.9 
      Canada              3.9 
 Cayman Islands            48.9 
   Chile            39.9 
   China            27.9 
   Colombia            69.9 
   Costa Rica            45.9 
   Croatia            45.9 
   Cyprus            27.9 
   Czech Republic            35.9 
   Denmark              9.9 
   Dominican Republic            47.9 
   Estonia              30.9 
   Finland              20.9 
   France              8.9 
 Germany              9.9 
   Greece            15.9 
 Hong Kong            13.9 
   Hungary            31.9 
 Iceland            29.9 
 India              27.9 
   Indonesia            36.9 
   Ireland            12.9 
   Israel              25.9 
   Italy               9.9 
   Jamaica            92.9 
   Japan            38.9 
   Latvia            47.9 
   Lithuania            42.9 
   Luxembourg            15.9 
   Malaysia            13.9 
   Mexico            24.9 
   Montserrat          148.9 
   Netherlands            11.9 
   New Zealand              17.9 
   Norway              11.9 
   Panama            44.9 
   Peru               15.9 
   Philippines            57.9 
   Poland            32.9 
   Portugal            14.9 
   Russia            23.9 
   Saudi Arabia            70.9 
   Singapore            12.9 
   Slovakia            41.9 
   Slovenia            42.9 
   South Africa            33.9 
   South Korea            14.9 
   Spain                9.9 
   Sri Lanka            81.9 
   Sweden            11.9 
   Switzerland            20.9 
   Taiwan            23.9 
   Thailand            30.9 
   Turkey            63.9 
   United Arab Emirates
   United Kingdom              6.9 
   United States              3.9 
   Venezuela            48.9 
   Vietnam            62.9 

Wide Selection of International Toll 
Local/National Dial-In Numbers
We also offer Local Dial-in Numbers in several countries around the 
world.  For instance, callers in Japan can take advantage of our local 
dial-in number in Tokyo (+81 3) while callers in Brazil can take 
advantage of a local-dial in number in Sao Paulo (+55 11).  
Callers in New Zealand can take advantage of a local dial-in number in 
Wellington (+64 4) while callers in the Middle East and Arab Gulf 
States can take advantage of a local dial-in number in Manama, 
Bahrain (+973 1).

These local dial-in numbers, when dialed, are not free of charge to 
the conference call participant.  The caller incurs local IDD charges for 
dialing the local/national number (albeit in most cases at modest cost).  
You, as the conference host (or the account holder) still incur charges 
for conference participants who join your meeting via an international 
toll local/national number - but in most cases at significantly lower, 
per minute rates than is the case when conference call participants 
dial one of the ITFS toll free access numbers.  Conference organizers 
find that encouraging conference participants to dial local numbers - 
when possible - can lower the organization's cost of hosting a 
conference call.
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