Quebec City Conference Bridge Dial-in Number | $0.029 per minute



Quebec City Conference Bridge Dial-in Number
Quebec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. With a metropolitan area population of 765,706, it is the second most populous city in Quebec after Montreal. Growth industries include manufacturing, including pulp and paper, processed food, chemicals, metal and wood products and electronics. Other prominent industries include insurance, marketing and advertising, computer games and technology.   Quebec City is home to many international company headquarters including Industrial Alliance, SSQ Insurance, La Capitale, Cossette and Desjardins.

Quebec City is bustling with commerce - and conference calls! It's all part of doing business in Quebec City, and thousands of business associates, colleagues, non-profit organizers, use conference calls every day to collaborate and discuss important projects and issues.

Area Code 418 Access Number

Fortunately, the
NorthAmericaValuePlan offers a 418 local Quebec City area code number that can be used to access the conference bridge, providing a tremendous convenience for those "Quebeckers" who don't wish to dial long distance and don't want to pay for the extra expense of having a toll-free number. The rate for conference participants who dial into the conference bridge using the local Quebec City access number is just $0.029 cents per minute.

$0.029 per minute local access across Canada

In addition to offering a local conference  bridge dial-in number from Quebec City (418),  we also offer conference bridge dial-in numbers for Montreal (438), Toronto (647), Ottawa (343), Vancouver (778), Edmonton (587), Calgary (403), and Halifax (902). 

We're one of the very few conference call providers that is able to combine attractive pricing on both Canada toll free and Canada local access dial-in numbers.

Canada Local Dial-in Numbers

(647) 847-8463  Toronto
(438) 238-1455  Montreal
(343) 883-1933  Ottawa
(778) 775-1114  Vancouver
(403) 879-1119  Calgary
(587) 887-1945  Edmonton
(418) 478-2125  Quebec City
(902) 702-0352  Halifax

How do U.S. callers join our conference?

If you host conference calls that include U.S. attendees, your U.S. participants will have the option of dialing a U.S. toll free number or a U.S. toll number.  If participants dial in on the U.S. toll free number, the rate is US $0.049 per minute per conference call participant.  Callers from the U.S. who join your conference call by dialing in to one of our US local access (or toll dial-in) numbers are billed to your account at $0.029 per minute. 

The U.S. toll number to the conference bridge is accessible to callers anywhere in the world, but callers outside the U.S. would incur international IDD charges for dialing into the U.S. toll number.


Music on hold  - Attendees will listen to music until a moderator joins the conference.  Once the moderator joins the conference, the music will shut off and the conference may begin.

Entry Tone - Entry tones let conference attendees know when someone joins the conference.


Exit Tone – Exit tones let conference attendees know when someone disconnects from the conference.


Auto Hangup – Auto Hangup will disconnect all participants from a conference once the last moderator in a conference hangs up their line.  Use this feature to ensure that all lines become immediately available for subsequent conferences and to avoid excessive charges to a moderator who is paying in full.


Security – Allows moderator to secure the conference.  Security prevents the entry of additional participants once the moderator locks the conference.  Security must be requested at the time of account set-up so it can be programmed for use.  The feature is activated by the moderator pressing *7 and deactivated by pressing *7.

Name Record/Playback – This feature allows each participant to record their name before entering the conference so that (by pressing *8) a roster of participants that are currently in conference may be played back.  This feature may also be used for entry and exit announcements, instead of tones.


Billing Code Prompt – System will request the host of the conference to enter a billing code, which will appear on their invoice.  This feature assists in billing back clients.


Live Conference Viewer – We provide access to a web portal that gives the host an online window to the call providing call management tools such as the capability to mute/un-mute individual lines or all participants at once, start a recording, disconnect participants, view caller ID of participants, sub-conference with participants from conference, etc.

Start Saving Today
Whatever your needs, is ready to help you design the perfect set-up that meets your requirements and budget.  Give us a call today at 800-218-5869 and we can get you up and running in no time.  There is no cost to set up an account and no monthly minimums.  The service is strictly “pay as you go,” meaning that you are only charged for what you use, when you use it.   Even better is the low rate of just $0.029 cents per minute/per person for your Quebec City number - a rate that very possibly a fraction of what you currently pay for your conferencing now.  Start saving today!


  Quebec City Conference Bridge Dial-in Number   |  $0.029 per minute
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