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Are you paying too much for toll free conference calls from Canada? Have you studied your most recent conference call invoice to determine just how much you might be over-paying? Do you seek a high quality conference call solution for your Canadian audience that will provide lower rates with superior audio quality? If so, you've come to the right place. 

US $0.039 per minute Canada toll free (per participant line)
US $0.039 per minute USA toll free (per participant line) offers superior conference calling rates for businesses and organizations that host conference calls for participants located in Canada and elsewhere across the globe. We’re a brand of U.S.-based – which has provided discounted international long distance, global call forwarding, and conference call services to customers in Canada and elsewhere around the globe since 1996.   

This service is strictly pay as you go, meaning that you are not required to sign a term contract.  The service is also reservation-less - meaning that you have 24/7 access as well as 24/7 customer support based in both Canada and the U.S. (and reachable 24/7 by a toll free number that we provide for you once you become a customer).   

Easy to Use
Our service is easy to use and extremely cost-effective.   
Conduct your conference calls on your schedule - without making a reservation or using an operator.  All conference participants dial a toll free number or, if they choose, one of our local dial-in numbers.  At the prompt, participants enter their pin code.

Big Savings on International Toll Free Service (ITFS)

In addition to offering just US $0.039 per minute toll free access per line from Canada, we offer terrific
 International Toll Free Access (ITFS) rates from 90+ other countries around the world.  If you also conduct conference calls that include international participants from time to time, we can help.

U.S.A. $0.039 per minute 

U.K. $0.069 per minute
France $0.089 per minute

Germany $0.099 per minute

Italy $0.099 per minute

Singapore $0.129 per minute
South Korea $0.149 per minute
$0.249 per minute

China $0.279 per minute
India $0.279 per minute

Highly Competitive International Dial Out rates
In addition to offering international toll free access and international toll access from more than 90 countries around the globe, we offer ultra-competitive Dial Out
 rates that enable the conference participant to "dial out" to participants anywhere around the world.  

This feature is especially useful to include conference call participants in those countries from which we do not have international toll free access (ITFS) dial-in or international toll dial-in access numbers.  


No Monthly Fees

No set-up fees, no monthly fees, no activation fees, and no cancellation fees.

No minimum usage requirements 

Use the service as much as you need.  If you don't use it, no charges are incurred.


Convenient Monthly Billing to Major Credit Card

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Each month you receive a fully itemized invoice that lists your conference call details.   You will receive the invoice by E-mail (PDF attachment) that shows your conference cal details for the previous month.  Your credit card on file is debited the following week for the invoice total.   

Payment by bankwire also available 
Customers who wish to receive an invoice and make payment afterwards may do so via bankwire.  All charges are billed in US dollars, so you would simply need to have the ability to remit payment from your bank in US $.  

Superb Audio Quality's underlying conferencing  partner is a unified communication and collaboration company that has been recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. by Inc. 500 | 5000 magazine for the 2nd consecutive year. The company delivers award winning business class communication technologies that result in overall efficiency improvements for the individual users and organizations.    

Tier 1 Network
The backbone of this conferencing platform is a multinational telecommunications company that operates a Tier 1 network. They provide core transport, IP, voice, video, and content delivery for most of the medium to large Internet carriers in North America, Latin America, Europe, and selected cities in Asia. The company is also the largest competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) and the 2nd largest provider of fiber optic internet access (based on coverage area) in the United States. 

In short, this is a superb network and you can expect to receive - and enjoy- both business class quality and customer service.  
Whether you are located in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, or anywhere else across Canada, we will help you save.    Our Canada toll free access rates - as well as our international toll free access (ITFS) rates - are a fraction of those charged by our competitors, which include Bell Canada, Telus, and among others.  Give us a try, and discover for yourself.  We are confident that you will enjoying using our services - over and over again.   Our goal is to become your conference call provider of choice for audio conferencing from Canada and elsewhere around the globe.


Canada Toll Free Conference Calls
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