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Global Call Forwarding is an international call forwarding service designed as a reliable way for businesses and individuals to receive international calls without the caller being charged high international rates.  

Forward Calls from Canada to ANY country in the world
If you are located outside Canada and conduct business with associates in Canada, we can offer a virtual number in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, and numerous other locations across Canada that will forward or divert calls to you anywhere in the world.  We can also offer Canada toll free numbers. We offer one of the largest selections of local and toll free numbers worldwide.  You can choose a number from thousands of cities in Canada, the U.S., and other countries or a toll free number from over 80 countries across the globe.

Forward Calls to Canada from 80+ countries
If you are located in Canada and conduct business with clients, vendors, and other associates in the U.S., Europe, Asia or other parts of the world, this service will provide a high quality and reliable platform from which to forward or divert calls from other countries to Canada.  Our service allows your customers, prospects, and affiliates in other parts of the world to contact you quickly and easily - no matter where in the world they are located.

Be Local to Your Customers

Global Call Forwarding allows Canada based customers to have a worldwide reach.  Customers outside Canada are able to create a local business presence in Canada.

Large Selection of local and toll free numbers worldwide

It's never been easier to divert or forward international calls.  With plans for Canada and U.S. numbers starting as low as $7.95 per month, you can expand your business, access new markets, and increase sales.  
Now Offering Rollover Minutes
For the first time in the industry of international call forwarding, you now have the option of saving your unused monthly minutes with our new RollOver Minutes feature.  This feature enables you to accumulate unused minutes for a period of up to six months to "roll over" to usage in future months.  The feature is ideal for businesses and organizations whose business is seasonal in nature, and have more telephone inquiries during certain times of the years than others.  RollOver minutes allow you to take those unused minutes and use them in those months when business is heavier.

Global Call Forwarding, also known as an International Call Forwarding or Call Diverting service, allows you to activate your own local phone number or toll free phone number anywhere in the world (perfect for setting up a remote or virtual office anywhere in the world). This service offers local numbers and toll free numbers from 80+ countries and hundreds of cities around the world.
Call Forwarding Services
It is extremely simple to forward calls to your existing line, whether it is a mobile phone or landline. You just select a forwarding number (toll free phone numbers or local phone numbers) and register your existing phone number. Calls to your new call forwarding phone number are then automatically forwarded to your registered number.

Our toll free services are great for small business. If you have an international business, having a toll free phone number opens your business to a much larger market. You can extend your reach and develop new business territories.  When customers and potential customers do not have to worry about having to pay international rates to call you, they are far more likely to do business with you. Toll free telephone numbers to call forward give people confidence in your business. Without a toll free telephone number, many people will choose a competitor simply because they do not want to spend the money to place an international call.

Call Forwarding a Local Number
Our call forwarding service is great for individuals as well. For someone who has family and friends in a specific area, for example, they can now offer a local number in that area so their contacts can get in touch with them be simply dialing a local number. Regardless of where in the world you are located, you can have these local calls forwarded to you.


Global Call Forwarding   |  Why get an International Call

Forwarding Number?

In today's fast growing, global economy, businesses and organizations have discovered the value of reaching out to international markets by utilizing a local or toll free number.  Local and toll free numbers enable you to establish a virtual presence in targeted countries. One of the best ways to reach out to your potential customers is to offer them local or toll free numbers.  Global Call Forwarding ensures that your clients and customers have an easy and convenient way to contact you, irrespective of where in the world you may be located.

Customers are more likely to dial a local or toll free number rather than dialing direct to an international number. It's also easier to project a local presence with local phone numbers, which is a growing trend among international companies throughout the world today.

With the largest selection of local and toll free numbers from over 80 countries coupled with over 15 years of experience in the telecom business, we have the reliability, advanced features, and strong service support for the global expansion of your business.  Our customers range from small businesses

with international expertise to large multinational corporations with offices around the world.

Among the types of businesses that take advantage of our international call forwarding services are:

Biotech and Pharma

Customer Service Call Centers
Tour Operators
Cruise Lines

Hotels and Resorts
IT Outsourcing Companies

Medical Device

Sales and Marketing consultants

Five Great Plans from which to Choose
We recognize that our clients have varying needs in terms of usage levels.  Some customers require a toll free or virtual number for contact purposes only - but do not anticipate significant usage in terms of incoming minutes on a monthly basis.  Other customers anticipate heavy volume coming into their toll free or virtual number, and seek the biggest bang for their buck.

We have created five different rate plans from which to choose, each of which is designed to meet the anticipated usage levels of our valued customers.  Plan prices vary from country to country.

Payment Options
Customers can make payment via major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB), PayPal, wire transfer, bank checks, money order or Western Union Quick Pay.  Each month you will receive an electronic invoice by E-mail that lists the complete call details of every Global Call Forwarding number you have. Your invoice includes your payment details as well as quick reminders of new features to our services. Please note that invoice via E-mail is our standard invoice delivery method and is free of charge. However, you may choose to receive your invoices by mail at an additional fee.
Invoice via E-mail, online account management
Each month you receive an invoice via E-mail attachment that lists your complete call detail.  You also have access to this information in real time through online account management.
How long does it take to receive my toll free or virtual number?
We suggest that you allow one to two business days for assignment of your toll free or virtual number.  In many cases we are able to issue the numbers the very same business day.

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