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Reasons to Choose   |  Canada Toll Free Conference Calls

Guaranteed quality and service  
We guarantee quality and a level of service that will not be matched elsewhere.  Our conferencing provider is one of the top audio conferencing companies in the United States. 
1)   Superb customer service.  Once you become a customer and find that you need to call the customer service number, you will always have your call answered by a "live" person. 
2)   Your dial in number and your passcodes will not change.  Some providers will not only change your dial in access number but will also change your passcodes.  Once assigned, the assigned codes are yours and will
not change unless requested.
3)  You will hear no advertising when dialing into our service.  Your account is private.

2.9¢ per minute local access across Canada
We can now offer just 2.9¢ per minute per minute on local access from Toronto (647), Montreal (438), Ottawa (343), Vancouver (778), Calgary (403), Alberta (587), Quebec (418), and Halifax (902) .

24/7 access to conference bridge 
The Meet Me 800 Canada service is a reservation-less service, meaning that no reservations or operator scheduling is necessary.   You can use the service anytime, 24/7.

Easy to use
A conference participant simply dials the toll free number and enters a PIN code followed by the # sign when prompted by an automated attendant.  Each conferee follows the same procedure, allowing everyone to meet at the appropriate time and be bridged together automatically.

Outstanding audio quality 
This is an extremely reliable service that delivers great sound quality.  You don't have to worry about busy signals or getting cut off.  Please feel free to give us a call at 800-218-5896 or 727-867-4588 to arrange a free, no obligation demo.   We are happy to schedule a time to meet you and your associates on the conference call bridge so that you can test the service before signing up.

Record conference for later playback  
Do you have folks who may miss a scheduled conference call?  No worries!  Any conferee may initiate an unattended conference playback if the moderator has recorded the conference.

When ready to begin recording a conference, the moderator presses *2 on the telephone.  He/she will then be prompted to enter a "conference file number" (any number you choose, between 1-8 digits).

To "playback" a conference, the conferee simply presses *3 after accessing the conference bridge through the participant passcode.

Include international participants on your conference call
In addition to offering toll free access from Canada and the U.S., we offer toll free access from 18 other countries around the world. 

You may also schedule one of our friendly operators to "dial out" to an internat
ional participant in advance of your conference call.  Our operator-assisted dial out rates are likely a mere fraction of what your current provider charges you to have one of their operators dial out to international participants.

Finally, conferees located anywhere in the world may
join your conference call by simply dialing a regular
toll (i.e., non-toll free) number in the U.S.  Your account is charged U.S. 2.7 cents per minute for those who join your conference call in this manner.

Flexible Payment Options 
Receive an invoice and pay by check with 30 day
payment terms or pay via credit card (American
Express, MasterCard, VISA, or Discover).  Sign
up for E-bill to view invoices online.

Low rates

All customers, irrespective of their usage levels,
are able to enjoy our low rate of just US 4.9
¢ per
minute for toll free conferencing from Canada. 

No matter how many or how few conference calls
you conduct on a monthly basis, you are able to
enjoy our low rates.  As you surf the internet looking
for conference call solutions, compare our rates
with the competition.  We can help you save
anywhere from 40% - 85%.

No Set-Up Fees, No Monthly fees
There are no fees to establish service.  There are
no monthly fees, and there are no minimum usage requirements.  Use the service as much as you
need, or as little as required.

No contract
No long term contract is required.  Our service is
strictly "pay as you go."   You can use the service
in conjunction with your existing conference call
provider and determine which service is giving
you the biggest bang for your buck.  
ou may
cancel service at any time with no penalty.   You
can call via phone or send an E-mail to cancel

No state or federal taxes for Canadian based accounts
Meet Me 800 Canada is a U.S.-based service.  As
such, our Canadian customers are not subject to
U.S. state or federal tax.   All customers, however,
are subject to the FCC-mandated Universal Service
Funds surcharge.
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Toll Free:  (800) 218-5896
US Phone:  (727) 867-4588

Reasons to Choose   |  Canada Toll Free Conference Calls